@bobbyrobinett In Europe the displayed motorcycles are named 'scooter', while in USA the name scooter is used for what in Europe is named a 'kick scooter'. Your link provides an overview of kick-scooters, which are not presented on this website.

Kick-scooter: 🛴
Moped- or motor-scooter: 🛵

Scooter is a broad term, it includes underwater scooter, water scooter, air scooter and small car like vehicles that are named 'street scooter'. In USA however, 'scooter' appears to be a name linked solely to the kick-scooter variant, which may lead to confusion.

Perhaps we should change our domain for the USA market in the future.

What do you think of the two new motor-scooters from 🇨🇳 China?

We wish you much success with the sales of electric scooters!